What a great terminology "Rebooting" often times associated with computers and smart phones.

But what if you could reboot your team instead of booting them?

Sometimes our favorite football team is a great example of players needing a physical break or mental time out. Maybe the team doesn't hit full stride for a long enough period to obtain the win...make the playoffs.

Your team has the same issues. Goals are often times burdens that seem unattainable or they get lost in the daily shuffle. If you could reboot maybe a fresh set of downs so to speak would charge them up.

So what do you do? How do you reboot? Can you reboot the entire team?

Think of a reboot as a momentum shift. Take the entire team starting at the top and do an offsite program designed to re-enforce goals and objectives that have been covered up. A momentum shift is that one moment when the lights turn on and the team sees all the players, all the goals and they Get It.

Over the past 15 years of team building we have heard of all types of offsite events that look like the real thing but fall way short. True team building requires a neutral playing field for all ages and abilities. It must have qualified debriefings tied to corporate objectives in short intervals for retention. We are partial to Outdoor Adventure because the air is fresh and the reboot is complete. When you stay indoors the power is still turned on and things are familiar and easy. Outdoor Adventure requires a new mind set for everyone.

Lets end this with a new way to define REBOOT.

R-Rely on each other

E-Energize the team

B-Believe in yourself and others

O-Obtain your goals

O-Observe one another in a positive way

T-Trust one another

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